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  • JJuice Drip Has Arrived!

    We are so excited to finally introduce you to JJuice Drip!  Over the past several months we have been working tirelessly on improving our blends and pioneering a better E-Liquid; everything from refining our steeping process to spending weeks at a time in the lab working on absorption issues higher VG blends sometimes have with […]

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  • The Underground Has Spoken!

    It’s official, after two years of meticulous data gathering and analysis–the likes of which even the NSA would be proud of–Lou Dog has staked its claim as one of Americas favorite E-Liquids.  You may be thinking to yourself, “that doesn’t make sense, I haven’t even heard of this, Lou Dog you speak of” and I […]

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  • St. Patty’s Day Promo!

    That’s right, just like you, we love any excuse to drink to excess and celebrate mid week with friends and family.  This coming St. Patrick’s Day is no exception; but we thought to ourselves, “what could make this year even better?”  The answer of course, was to make everything on 30% off in time […]

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